Spettacoli Brasiliani
Cores da Bahia, a diferent circus ..

The Circus is a very strong part in the cultural
imaginary world. It 'a place that embodies and represents the maximum expression of the symbolic
universe of man, a meeting point of different
cultures, where diversity has always been
synonymous with heritage and not of closure,
a world in which the emigration, the travel, the
move is a decent, hard-magically tied to the
creativity of making a living.

Cores da Bahia l.td.a. based in Salvador, Brazil,
is pleased to disclose the project; diferent circus,
during the Italian summer.

The best artists selected by the school of circus
dancers of Bahia and Rio will offer Europe
an exhilarating pure, expressive and creative
a show Brazilian brightly colored Made in Brasil.

"Together for ten days dream! Game, fun, relax in the breathtaking scenery of Salvador Bahia based in our Pousada Wiktoria"


Cores da Bahia has among its institutional aims to promote and develop tourism relations between Italy and Brazil.

We are planning for this year, 2014, that groups, at different times of the year, from October to March, will be accompanied in the capital of Bahia, one of the most picturesque regions of Brazil.

groups will be formed by 6/16 people from Milan Malpensa Airport

brasilian show europe

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