- Title: ENCANTO Amazonia

- Standard show: 7 performers
- Full show: 13 performers

- Standard Show Duration: 55 minutes
- Full show duration: 75 minutes

- Show type:
Seductive and exciting Brazilian show like never before, played with theatricality and athleticism by the best Brazilian acrobats and dancers.

Fantastic story set in the Amazon forest. The show talk about an Indios tribe and their "Paje".
He sends them to find the fragments of an ammulet.
Their finding allows to save the forest.

It is a cultural show mixed with Amazonian folk tradition, circus act and dance ideal for families.

the main purpose is to sensitize people about the preservation of the last great lung of the earth.

“A group of forest Indios have an important task: to save the largest forest on the planet.
the forest does not wait ... and your destiny is in their hands!

.. Their task will be difficult because each one of them will have its own "interest”.
Soon, they will realize that everyone has the same need: preserve it.

The mystical entities and "the curupira" will help the Indios in their choices, accompanying them in the right direction to save of the eco-system.

They will realize that they are united and will leave their greed aside because the forest is above all!

Finally the forest will be SAVED, ready to dance with all of them!


- Title: a different circus Tanzania

- Group: Standard show 5 Tanzania performers

- Show time: 45 minutes continuous or divided in parts

- Show: Our African Acrobats are a collective of multi-skilled entertainers from Tanzania.


- Providing your guests with some of the best different circus-style African entertainment, these Tanzanian acrobats are guaranteed to really impress.
Our Acrobats are very experienced and have perfected their acrobatic show to be suitable for audiences of all types.

- Always dressed in replica tribal costumes, our African Acrobats deliver extremely energetic African entertainment with stunning human pyramids, rope skipping, hand to hand balance, diving through hoops and limbo dancing with fire, bycicle, pole.

- These acrobatic shows are a fantastic cultural display to entertain audiences from all over the world.

- These Tanzania acrobats are really skilled and always effortlessly deliver the best acrobatic show for your event whether it is an outdoor event or within a inside environment.

- They are ideally suited to family-friendly events, galas, circuses, holiday resorts and cultural festivals.

- The "a different circus" production have performed during events all over the Europe and Usa