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Seductive and exciting Brazilian circus show like never before, 

played with theatricality and athleticism by the world’s best best 

Brazilian acrobats and dancers. 

This colourful and spectacular show tells a story set  in the Amazon forest. 

The story centres around an Indios tribe and their "Paje” who  sends 

them to find the fragments of an amulet which results in them saving the Amazon. 

The forest does not wait ... and your destiny is in their hands! 

Their task will be difficult because each one of them will have their own 

interest. Soon, they wil realize that everyone has the same need, 

preserve  the Amazon forest.

The mystical entities and the ‘curupira’ will help the Indios in their choices, 

accompanying them in the right direction to save of the eco-system. 

They will realize that they are united and will leave their greed aside to save 

the largest forest in the world

a world class live dance and acrobatic
circus show 

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The answer is simple, its different, its loud, its colourful, its like a carnival on stage! after this pandemic moment we all need joy and warmth.

A world class cultural circus shows in UAE.

Encanto Amazonia also has the added benefit of promoting a globally relevant educational message too. 

Saving the Amazon forest from deforestation which is a universally recognized issue that affects us all.

The big names of the circus in Uae  are classed as an exclusive circus show, based on ticket prices and attendees, it is only affordable to certain wealthier sections of the Saudi Arabia community. 

Encanto Amazonia aims to be fully inclusive, with ticket price ranges that most people across the UAE can afford.

Families of all backgrounds across the UAE  should have access to world-class entertainment shows that are both affordable and visually stunning. 

Encanto Amazonia is that show, offering cultural Brazilian and Amazonion performances across vibrant colourful dance, carnival style costumes and circus acts.

Visitors be fully immersed in an Amazonian themed environment. Visitors will be mesmerized by the dazzling colours, costumes, dance performances and circus acts. Visitors should leave feeling wowed and understood the take home message of saving the Amazon forest.

Cores da Bahia in partnership with a Saudi Arabia can launch this as a ‘must see’ show on.  This show, if successful is can be toured to other major venues across the region.